Heckle Line: It is very tight and twisty (no jumps, no bridges, nothing to scare you, just tight) and we will have a small but dedicated group who will assign a 5 second penalty to anyone who puts a foot down, or makes contact with the caution tape. It is right at the start and will no doubt be ridden by small children in between starters. All hecklers must not touch the rider! ***important note: we will only heckle people we know on the heckle line! Give it a try, and if you go by the name “fig” we will give you a hard time...
The legend of the Heckle line: The Heckle Line is a trail built by a small tribe of nomadic people as a form of meditation and penance. They came to this forest in strange bulbous conveyances with oddly placed motors, from places unknown, to commune with nature and celebrate their loose fitting attire. The end of each forest visit is marked with ceremonial fermented beverages. It is unknown when they will next appear.

Schedule for Sausage Suit ITT:

    12:00        Registration Open

    13:00        Registration Closed (Riding)

    13:00        Kids Race

    13:30        Bike Race Start (30 Sec intervals, starting with 30k then 15k)

    14:30        Run Registration Closes

    15:30        15k Trail Run Start (30 Sec intervals)

    17:00        Podium

    17:30        Hanging out with Team Van Go for the night! Bring a tent.

                        Rumour is there will be a night lap on the course. Bring lights

    18:00        Give a bunch of money to IMBA to help them keep our

                        trails open!!


The Course: It will be fun for anyone to ride. If you are not a super strong single track rider you will have fun. If you are a strong technical rider, you will go fast. Like good chocolate, it is 95% pure. There will be just enough double track for some passing. 15k is one lap. 30k is two laps.
What is the Sausage Suit ITT and TTT: This is a time trial format cross country mountain bike race. Instead of one big group leaving at once and bunching up in the first single track, and intimidating beginners, riders at the SSITT will head onto the course one at a time in 30 second intervals. Set your own pace and go as hard as you like. If someone catches you from behind, please let them by as quickly as you can SAFELY (both for you and for them).
There is a 15k race, a 30k race and a 15k trail run. Yes, trail run. Turns out trail runners like mountain bike trails so why not have them join us!
The Heckle Line
Start Building: There will be one. It will have a raised platform. It will have a roof. It will have a ramp. It will have sausages. It will be blue.

Course Map

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 18 July 2015: Dufferin Forest Main Tract

Provisional Start List